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We are in +5 countries

We hold 30 degrees

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Our Team

Meet our Venture Clienting Experts

Fabian Dudek
Founder & CEO
Madlen Weinhardt
Peter Borchers
Chief Scientist
Kamen Kanev
Head of Product
Erick Daniel Pano Paniagua
Head of Sourcing
Marco Beretta
Venture Expert
Jing Ma
Growth Manager - China
Guilherme Gonçalves
Venture Consultant
Stephen Sturges
Venture Expert
Ismael Zighed
Venture Expert
Stella Waltmann-Adigüzel
Innovation Manager
Dr. Tobias Finke
Senior Innovation Manager
Christiana Gemeinhardt
Innovation Manager
Oghenefego Edafe
Software Engineer
Alex Georgiev
Fullstack Engineer
Adrian Wix
Software Engineer
Can Berk Güzgeren
Software Engineer
Monique Marmodée
Director & Creative Producer
Wanda Ostermann
Project Manager
Nina Heldmayer
Assistant to CEO & Finance
Clément Segal
Corporate Innovation Success Manager
Anshuman Rajhans
Startup Scouting
Simon Roser
Marketing Lead
Georgi Krustev
Quality Assurance
Zdravko Evstatiev
Data Engineer

Our remote-first work design

Work from home, the office or co-working.

Get paid the same no matter where you live.

Open a hacker house with your colleagues.

You can flexibly move to anywhere in the world.

We meet up quarterly as a team.

Our Vision

At GlassDollar we exist to enable entrepreneurship inside and outside our company. We connect startups and corporations.

We believe in ownership and growing with the challenges you face.

We work with conscious creators, often those that have founded businesses or been in charge of their own projects.

We help startups generate revenue by enabling them to get in touch with corporations.

We give access to innovation for corporations by showing them how startups have already solved most of their challenges.

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