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Matching Startup solutions to Corporate challenges

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Claimed profiles are 6x more likely to be matched!

Advantages for Startups:

Free of Charge
The GlassDollar matchmaking process is free of charge for Startups.
Easy access to Customer leads
Low effort registration (~5 minutes) and profile maintenance.
Fast-track Process
From match to first Purchase Order in ~1 month.
High Quality Leads
We match you to projects with verified buyers, high-quality topics, allocated budget and long-term plans.
Paid Tests (PoCs)
If you're selected, we will conduct a paid test (~8 weeks), on average Startups receive €20k.
High Success Probability
+40% of PoCs are implemented and scaled within our Corporate partners.

What Startups have achieved with GlassDollar

Improving E-Learning & Reducing Video Production Costs

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Automating quality optical inspection for flat module surfaces

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Creating Digital Product Passports and Product Carbon Footprints

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Erick Daniel Paniagua the Head of Sourcing of GlassDollar
Your expert to contact
Erick Daniel Paniagua
Head of Sourcing
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Hi I'm Erick, I am in charge of Startup sourcing at GlassDollar.

At GlassDollar we help Corporations to rapidly identify and test cutting-edge startup technology.

If we have contacted you, that means that one of our partners is exploring your space. I look forward to get in touch with you in order to give our Corporate partners access to your most accurate information about you and your product.

Speak soon,


What is the role of GlassDollar?


GlassDollar provides expertise in innovation management and supports the implementation of startup solutions in Corporations. We provide startups sourcing services, and for a few selected accounts, we serve as sparring partner to manage the PoCs in corporations.

Who is my point of contact at GlassDollar?


You will be contacted by a Venture Expert and/or Project Manager from GlassDollar who will guide you through every step of the process.

Does my company have to pay for the match?


No, there are no fees associated to the match for the Startups. Our clients are the Corporations, and Startups can only benefit from our services.

What is the fast-track procurement process?


The fast-track procurement process is a framework developed by GlassDollar to reduce the time needed for corporations to adopt solutions from external companies. Such process is startup friendly, therefore, it is designed to be faster and less resource intensive for startups.

What is the demo session about?


The demo session is an opportunity to meet the stakeholders responsible for the project. During this call, you will get a better understanding of their pain-points and their needs, while they get to know how your product can solve their problem.

What is the demo session NOT about?


We don’t recommend to make a general pitch, but rather talk about the specific features of your product that can be interesting for the Corporation.

Who is going to be part of the demo session?


The relevant stakeholders from the business unit, who are owners of the project, in some cases an Innovation Manager from the Corporation, and your Project Manager from GlassDollar.

Are there other Startups being assessed in parallel?


Yes, it is a very similar process to a tender, but faster.

Who are the other Startups involved?


Due to privacy reasons, we cannot disclose this information with you.

Do I need to agree to the General Terms and Conditions?


If you received GT&Cs from your point of contact at GlassDollar, yes, otherwise, it is nothing to worry about.

Do I need an NDA first?


Every corporation has different requirements when it comes to talking with an external company about specific projects. While a few of them can have a first call without an NDA, many corporations prefer to have an NDA in place so that there can be freedom to discuss the details and technicalities of the project.

What information do I need to provide for the NDA?


Please refer directly to the information asked by your point of contact at GlassDollar, however, the following information is usually required for an NDA:

  • Legal company name
  • Full address (with country ID)
  • Contact person
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • DUNS number: If this doesn't exist, please register here.

We already have an NDA in place with that Corporation, does that work?


Unfortunately no, we make the NDA project-specific, and it’s specially designed for the Venture Client model.

We didn’t receive an NDA, what does that mean?


As mentioned above, some companies do not require an NDA to talk to external companies first, so, you might receive an NDA at a later stage if things move forward with your company.

Where shall I send my signed NDA to?


Please send us a scan, and send your signed NDA to the following address:
Stella Waltmann-Adigüzel
c/o Dudek Consulting
Hauptstr. 29 a-b
38165 Lehre

What are the next steps after the demo?


After a demo is complete, GlassDollar and the Corporation will discuss internally. This process can take up to 4 weeks for a decision to be made. We will timely inform you if we are moving forward with your solution or not.

How long does it take to hear from you after the demo?


Each corporation has different assessment cycles but we always push to have a concrete answer from 2-4 weeks after the demo.

Will we get any feedback in case we are rejected?


We try to communicate the feedback to the companies in case they have been rejected, however, we cannot promise that the relevant stakeholders will provide such feedback.

Can we contact directly the relevant stakeholders in the corporation?


Our process is transparent and we always communicate to the companies what are the latest developments (if any), and if they have been selected or rejected. We do not advise you to contact directly the corporation as this will only leave a bad impression.

Is the test (PoC) paid?


In case the Corporation selects your company to run a PoC, this is paid in the majority of the cases, though, we are not responsible for the payment, and there are some edge cases where there is an agreement to run the PoC without a monetary remuneration.

How Corporations think about collaborating with Startups

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