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The leading Venture Clienting software in the market

Project capacity
Through effective, AI-automated and customized tooling specifically made for Venture Clienting.
Project inflow
Through engagement tooling, content push flows and digital marketing funnel.
Impact tracking
We enable your team to measure business impact and KPIs across your project funnel.

Discover our modules and their features

Engagement module

Activate stakeholders and acquire projects for your innovation funnel.
Request form
Collect Business Unit challenges and pain-points systematically.
Centralize and manage your internal innovation requests to feed your project funnel.
Stakeholder CRM
Manage your stakeholders and business unit relations.
Organization Portal
Push relevant and shareable trends and competitor insights to your business units (Discovery Section content & own lists).
Shareable Results
Share startups lists directly with stakeholders, in an intuitive format, for lead generation.

Startups module

Discover and manage startups globally at your fingertips, as an organization.
Discovery Section
Overview of content curated by GlassDollar aimed to inspire you and your organization with relevant startups insights.
Search Tool
+3.4M startup database with search powered by AI and 1-click connections.
Order Sourcings
Let GlassDollar source and curate startup lists catered to your business challenges.
Startup CRM
Manage your Startups relations in-depth.
Startup Lists
Create Landscapes & Benchmarks answering your business challenges.

Implementations module

Facilitate PoCs and track impact of implementations at scale.
Project Leads
Manage your innovation leads and turn them into challenges, which later turn into runnable PoCs.
PoC Management
End-to-end PoC Management including process checklists, automations and document centralization.
View successful and unsuccessful PoCs, and prepare for next steps, such as scaling.
Track the progress, results and business impact of your innovation funnel.
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Extra Features

Easily accessible, and ever improving

Unified login
Seamless access with single sign-on, enhancing your security and workflow.
Ongoing enhancement
Weekly release cycles for software resilience and swift issue resolution.
Web based software
Access the Venture Clienting OS through your computer or smartphone.
Easily export reports
Export your startup lists and profiles on demand into files (pdf and csv).
Live support from engineers
Get direct feedback and problem resolution directly from our engineers.
Learning & development
Access an extensive and holistic library on best practices of Venture Clienting.
Data safety

Data-security is a priority within the Venture Clienting OS

Advanced data encryption
Encrypted over 256 bit SSL (AES-256 encryption at rest).
GDPR compliant
Our software ensures user data protection and privacy by GDPR standards.
Secure infrastructure
Database: Amazon Web Services;
Application: Google Cloud Platform.

Your expert to contact

Madlen Weinhardt, COO of GlassDollar
Hi I'm Kamen, I am leading the development of the Venture Clienting OS at GlassDollar.

The Venture Clienting OS, our all-in-one software, enables Corporations to rapidly identify and test cutting-edge startup technology - by connecting our Clients with the best startups in the market, interact and manage internal stakeholders, and the necessary project management tools to run quality Proof-of-Concepts - all in record speed and efficiency.

Are you interested in learning more about the Venture Clienting OS? Get in touch with us and we'll organize a demo for you.

Speak soon,
Kamen Kanev, Head of Product
frequently asked questions

Understand how the GlassDollar can help you

What is a Venture Clienting Software?


GlassDollar's Venture Clienting OS is designed specifically for corporations seeking optimal startup collaborations. It centralizes all operations and processes on one platform, which is why the world's leading Venture Client Units use GlassDollar.

Who needs Venture Clienting Software?


Corporations of any size aiming to leverage cutting-edge technologies and innovations from startups need infrastructure software that allows them to manage the entire process end-to-end within a single operating system - that is why GlassDollar's Venture Clienting OS exists.

How can Venture Clienting Software benefit my business?


GlassDollar's Venture Clienting OS centralizes activities such as startup scouting, list creation, project management, stakeholder relationship management, organizational communication, project lead generation, and idea management. This streamlines the entire process.

Why should I choose GlassDollar's Venture Clienting OS?


GlassDollar's Venture Clienting OS is the leading tool for Venture Clienting. It provides all necessary tools for a seamless venture client process, ensuring efficient and successful collaborations with startups, project funnel management, and organizational interaction management.

How do I get access to GlassDollar's Venture Clienting OS?


We’d be happy to show you our software's capabilities. Book a call with us for a demo of the Venture Clienting OS!

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