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GlassDollar helps you find the startup solutions to your challenges.


We help you to find the startup solution to your challenge.

Gain an overview of an emerging space within your industry or dive right into solving a concrete challenge for your organization. And yes, we are fast - delivery in 5 business days.


We enable you to implement top startup solutions quickly.

Our Venture Clienting OS provides you with the necessary project management tools to find startups, communicate to stakeholders, create a Proof-of-Concept funnel and track and measure your project's success.


We support you in scaling successful Proof-of-Concepts across your organization.

In-depth tracking and customized reports allow you to move away from anecdotal evidence to convince stakeholders of the impact of your projects.

to achieve

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More Impact

Measure the real and expected impact of your projects. Make it visible.

Less Hassle

Streamline processes and bring stakeholders together on our platform.

More PoCs

Efficiently run PoCs at scale across your organization and keep costs down.

Less Overhead

We are scouting experts  - so you can focus on what matters.

Features and  even more features to come.

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Collect Business Unit challenges systematically

Custom Workflows

Maximize efficiency by adjusting processes

Startup Database

Browse our (+3.2M) startup database to find solutions

Shareable Results

Delivered in an intuitive format

Customizable Matrixes

Create your own benchmarks or edit ours


Put together reports in no time

Startup Catalogue

Inspire Business Units by browsing startup solutions


Analyze and optimize your innovation portfolio

Business Unit Portal

Invite Business Units to collaborate with you

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Success Stories
"Not only did GlassDollar support us on our path to increase the number of PoCs by more than 2.5x, but we were also able to measure a tangible business impact of €15M and report this number to our management and other stakeholders."
Lars Roessler, Head of BSH Startup Kitchen
"We were looking for an innovative solution to quickly identify startups perfectly fitting our innovation challenges, and thanks to GlassDollar, we found it."
Luca Volterrani, innovation ecosystem lead @ a2a
"GlassDollar helped to kick start the Venture Client approach which will speed up Infineon's digitalization efforts."
Lamin Ben-Hamdane, Head of Start-Up Cooperation & Partnerships @ Infineon
Creating a landing page with clear and targeted messaging was a crucial step in increasing conversions. Together with the GlassDollar team, we have compiled a new product page.
John Doe, CEO at Webflow

Now live! Impact of Venture Clienting 2023

The most comprehensive data-driven study in Europe based on
66,424 corporate-startup relationships.

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We rank the most active startup customers

See who buys from whom. We collected over 8k relationship data points about corporations like Siemens, Bosch, Daimler, Volkswagen and many more. Understand current macro innovation trends.


We ranked the Top 100 fastest growing startups in Germany

See the 100 startups which grew the fastest in 2022 out of all German startups (>12k). It is the largest-scale startup growth ranking in Germany, ranking companies based on data-points like team growth, funding, social media growth (LinkedIn, Twitter) or website traffic.


It's always about the people.

At GlassDollar we truly believe in entrepreneurship and its power to change the world. We embrace taking ownership and creating impact. We don't care about where or when you work, but what you create. We are a group of ambitious individuals shaping the way corporations and startups are working together. Join us and make it count.

The Team
GlassDollar gives fair shares to its people
Fair Share
GlassDollar cares for the planet
Planet Care
GlassDollar cares about its people
People Care
GlassDollar gives fair shares to its people

Fair Share

GlassDollar cares for the planet

Planet Care

GlassDollar cares about its people

People Care

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We are looking forward to talking about your innovation activities and how we can enable you to go even further.

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