Supercharge your corporate innovation by working with startups.

Run more and higher quality PoCs.

Trusted by leading corporate innovators

An end-to-end solution to help you source, manage, and successfully scale startup collaborations within your organization.

Identify & prioritize new innovation opportunities

Leverage an organisation-wide innovation project catalogue to source new stakeholders and projects. Understand risk, estimate impact and select the project you'll run.

Benchmark the most impactful solutions

Browse, compare and choose startup solutions with confidence by leveraging data on customer references, costs of PoCs, and other granular startup insights.

Manage your projects systematically

Streamline your stakeholder management processes. Automate the tracking and communication with all stakeholders to scalably manage a growing number of projects.

Real business impact, quantified

Quantify your value within the organization with the integrated impact tracking methodology, that measures your impact prior, during and after the PoC. Leverage robust metrics, including project buckets and success metrics to retroactively assess the impact of past PoCs.

A new era of innovation partnering

Startups, unlock your access to corporate revenue

GlassDollar enables startups to seize new business opportunities, improve your products, and build authority in the industry.

Top 25 innovative companies in Europe

Identify the most innovative corporations. See who is the best partner or customer for your startup, who leading corporations partnered with, and understand current macro innovation trends.

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