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The leading Venture Clienting operating system and service provider.

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The most complete and advanced Startup Collaboration offering in the market

Identify best-fitting Startup solutions in
5 days
Gain an overview of an emerging space in your industry or dive right into solving a concrete challenge for your organization. Yes, we are fast - delivery in 5 business days.
Implement cutting-edge Startup tech in
50 days
on average
Our all-in-one software solution and Experts enable you to manage and interact with Startups and stakeholders across your funnel, and measure testing success.
Proven return on investment (ROI) of
on average
Across dozens of Venture Clienting units, we have been able to achieve an ROI of 5x and beyond, by enabling rapid processes with minimal resources.

What are you interested in?

Set up, Operate & Scale your Venture Clienting unit.
Startup Sourcing and Assessment
Proof-of-Concept Project Management
Business impact measuring & reporting
Marketing to generate pull (online & offline)
The most advanced Venture Clienting operating system.
Global Startup Database of +20M companies
Connect to Startups in one click
Startup & Stakeholder CRM
PoC management tool, analytics and impact tracking
On-demand experts powered by our AI data engine.
Personalized and tailored results
Delivery in 5 to 10 days
Intelligent blend of Experts and AI
Startup Demo scheduling

"GlassDollar helped us increase our number of PoCs by more than 2.5x and measure a tangible business impact of €15M, which we were able to report to our management and other stakeholders."

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Lars Roessler, Head of BSH Startup Kitchen
Lars Roessler
Head of Global Corporate Venturing
A2A GlassDollar Partner

"We were looking for an innovative solution to quickly identify startups perfectly fitting our innovation challenges, and thanks to GlassDollar, we found it."

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Luca Volterrani, Innovation Ecosystem Lead at A2A
Luca Volterrani
Innovation ecosystem lead
Infineon GlassDollar Partner

"GlassDollar helped to kick start the Venture Client approach which will speed up Infineon's digitalization efforts."

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Lamin Ben-Hamdane, Head of Start-Up Cooperation & Partnerships at Infineon
Lamin Ben-Hamdane
Head of Start-Up Cooperation & Partnerships

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Impact of Venture Clienting 2023
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