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Impact of Venture Clienting 2023 study

Venture Clienting or in other words, Corporates working together with small companies (Startups), is nothing new. But more than ever, Startups are being founded and funded with millions of Venture Capital funds at an accelerated pace - which Corporates can leverage. The study "Impact of Venture Clienting 2023" by GlassDollar reveals the benefit corporations obtain from working with top startups - by analyzing 66,424 Corporate-Startup Relationships.

Fabian Dudek, CEO of Glassdollar in a study release event.
"For Startups, the early customer is the differentiating factor between success and failure. Similarly, Corporates rely on those same Startups as their cornerstone for cutting-edge innovation."

Fabian Dudek, CEO @GlassDollar - Impact of Venture Clienting 2023 Study release event

It is important to shed light on how this early engagement method drives economic growth, corporate innovation, and value that Corporations worldwide can leverage. These are the Corporations who use this method the most:

Most active Venture Client units of Startups (Venture Clienting TOP 10)

Above is a list of Corporations with the highest number of Startup Relationships (according to public data only) in contrast with their R&D Expense (Note: Corporates like Allianz, Deloitte and Nike were excluded due to unknown R&D Expenses). The top Corporations GlassDollar found were Siemens, Daimler, BMW, Samsung, Bosch, Volkswagen, Unilever, L'Oréal and Accenture - but we have many more to showcase, as well their impact on the Global Startup Ecosystem and Economy.

Venture client model innovation impact for corporations and startups

However, with millions of new startup products out there, how do corporations know which ones they need? The answer lies in a structured testing approach. The Impact of Venture Clienting 2023 study sheds light on the best practices of corporations by adding the missing quantification of the phenomenon at scale, to inspire further academic research and economic policy. Access the study now and navigate our Knowledge base for more Venture Clienting content.

Access the study now and navigate our Knowledge Base below for further Venture Clienting content.

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