Top 100 Fastest Growing Startups in Germany

Top 100 Fastest Growing Startups in Germany

In celebration of Germany's impressive innovation ecosystem and the entrepreneurs that make it so, GlassDollar curates a monthly list of the top 100 fastest growing startups in the country.

Last updated: December 16th, 2020

Behind the top 100 Startup Ranking

Our data engine aggregates and tracks millions of innovative high growth startups from a variety of private company databases, company registers, and public sources. All startup profiles are enriched with data from our proprietary growth signals. -Enabling an up-to-date view over the innovation landscape.

Changes in the startups' momentum are measured over a 2 month period.

Read more about the applied methodology here.

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Top 25 VCs

Top 25 VCs

Venture Capital is one of the driving forces of the startup ecosystem. Our monthly startup ranking sets VCs on a race, where their portfolios are put to test, and success is measured. How are the venture capitalists' investments situated among the fastest growing prophecies of innovation in Germany? Who has the best startups in their portfolio?

Behind the VC ranking

The VCs' perfomance is measured based on the growth of companies they have in their portfolio. The better the VC's portfolio performs in the monthly startup ranking, the higher rank for the VC. Every startup is considered equal, regardless of the investment ticket. The only way VCs can collect points is by having their startup portfolios climb up the ranks month over month.

1. - 300 points

2. - 290 points

11. - 225 points

21. - 175 points

31. - 135 points

51. - 75 points

76. - 25 points

100. - 1 point

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What are the best startups to invest in?

The fastest growing German startups with no disclosed funding in November were: Emma the Sleep Company, VYTAL, BABLE. In general, the innovation and startup landscape is building momentum rapidly, with many of the players focusing on topics like industry 4.0 and connected mobility.

Which are the fastest growing startups in Germany?

The three fastest growing German startups in November were: Emma the Sleep Company, VYTAL, BABLE. In addition to this, a number of new companies like KiwiHR and Zasta managed to climb up, and find their position within the competitive top 100 ranking.

Which are the top venture capital (VC) firms in Germany?

Best performing VCs for this month's ranking include High-Tech Gründerfonds, HV Holzbrinck Ventures, and Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners. Combined, their portfolios cover over a third of all fastest growing startups in Germany.

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