Unlocking startups' access to corporate revenue

Unlocking startups'
access to corporate

By matching the best startups to innovation projects with our partnering corporations, GlassDollar enables startups to seize new business opportunities, improve their products, and build authority in the industry.

Get new clients &Β grow
your business

Getting scouted by GlassDollar enables you to gain new corporate clients now and in the future, resulting in more business and revenue for your startup.

Your door to business with corporate clients

Learn &Β grow from
industry insights

Working with corporate clients will give you new insights about the respective industry and potential clients, enabling you to further improve your product.

Gain visibility &Β 
build authority

GlassDollar presents your startup only to corporations that are actively interested in your solutions, increasing your visibility and authority among potential clients.

1. Confirm your
initial interest

Once we have scouted you for a potential innovation project, we reach out to get your initial confirmation of interest in the client and project.

Our process in 3 simple steps

2. Get presented to our corporate partners

We will present your startup to our corporate partner interested in your solution. Additional information may be requested from you at this stage.

3. Sign & start work on an innovation project

Once a good fit has been determined from both sides, we will support you through the negotiation, detailing, and signing of the project for a small success fee.


How does GlassDollar operate?

GlassDollar contractually partners with corporations to work as their external innovation arm. In short, our corporate customers send us their innovation requests, we source the best-suited startups for these innovation needs, contact the startups to confirm their interest in getting presented, and facilitate introductions between selected startups and corporations for further evaluation, and potential PoCs.

How is GlassDollar's approach different from other similar companies?

GlassDollar is partnering with corporations that are well-experienced in running PoCs with startups, have a steady flow of defined innovation needs from their business units, and a clear budget. This allows us to only reach out to startups with a specific innovation partnership opportunity in mind. Combined, the approach results in higher chances of a successful PoC, higher adoption rate, and an overall more productive collaboration between the startups and corporations. GlassDollar is also unique in working with corporations across industries and geographies, enabling us to provide continuous business opportunities to startups in our network.

What type of corporations does GlassDollar work with?

We work with a variety of international corporations based in Europe, mainly in the DACH region but also in the Nordics and the French-speaking markets. Our customers range from telecoms and automotive OEMs to appliance manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and insurance corporations among many others.

What information is presented to the corporations?

Our corporate customers are interested in some key information on the startups to assess the potential fit with their innovation needs: in addition to the funding, founding year, and geographical location, an overview of the team, the product or service, as well as any information on the reference customers would be presented. This information is found and collected from publicly available sources as well as directly from the startups.

Are there any costs involved in working with GlassDollar?

Our services are free for startups up to gaining paid business with our corporate customers - we want to encourage startups to explore the business opportunities with corporations at no cost, and will only financially benefit if the startups benefit from the opportunities. To that end, we operate on a small and transparent success fee on the business we help to generate for startups with corporate customers.

What is the success fee, and what does it entail?

Our startup success fee is a small and transparent fee, generally less than 10% of the collaboration project's revenue, which is applied when a startup gains paid business with a corporate customer through our introduction. Depending on the scope of GlassDollar's engagement with a specific corporation, the success fee can entail a varying level of support services designed to simplify the
PoC assessment, negotiation and operating process.