BSH Home Appliances partners with GlassDollar to supercharge its innovation activities

August 13, 2021
BSH is shaping the future of the home appliance industry through its partnership with GlassDollar. Read the article below to discover how GlassDollar has helped BSH boost its startup partnering activities and take innovation to the next level.

The BSH-GD partnership

Founded in 2018, venture client divis shaping the innovation landscape of BSH Home Appliances Group through initiating startup partnerships. Its recent collaboration with GlassDollar since December 2020 has generated faster and better processes for PoCs (Proof of Concept: realization of a certain solution or idea to verify its potential or feasibility), thus driving forward innovative ideas and finding impactful solutions and new business models that give BSH a powerful competitive advantage.

Raising the bar with startups

BSH Startup Kitchen was struggling to gain traction with its startup initiatives within BSH. Even though the venture client division had launched 30+ PoCs since its inception, there was a need for an efficient, transparent software tool to scale partnering activities. BSH Startup Kitchen was looking for a collaborator to co-build this tool, and thus formed the partnership with GlassDollar.

GlassDollar took the opportunity to work with one of the most forward-thinking startup partnering units in the home appliances industry. In addition to bringing great sourcing to the table, GlassDollar helped to pinpoint problems and challenges within BSH’s existing operations as well as develop processes on how to effectively solve them. With the aim to capture and streamline processes, automate tasks, and deliver high-quality projects, this fruitful partnership has successfully enabled GlassDollar’s development of its end-to-end software solution for startup partnering.

Why GlassDollar for startup partnering?

The end-to-end PoC management software solution from GlassDollar helps corporations run more and higher quality PoCs by helping to identify innovation opportunities within organizations, provide first-class startup sourcing, manage and scale projects, and quantify value with impact tracking metrics. 

Not only does GlassDollar play matchmaker in connecting corporations with startups, but it also helps quickly source the best startup option to create a fruitful corporate-startup relationship while ensuring that the partnership runs smoothly. GlassDollar plays both the role of data scientist in finding the best match, and data engineer in managing the partnership.

Symbiosis attained

With GlassDollar’s software solution, corporations and startups are able to foster a symbiotic partnership. On the corporate side, they can validate, scale, and provide B2B transactions for startups to help improve internal processes. In return, startups have access to corporate revenue, and the ability to better target their customers’ pain points.

How using GlassDollar’s solution supercharged BSH innovation 

BSH Startup Kitchen has since seen a significant increase in project management efficiency, number of PoCs run, and capacity per PoC Manager since its partnership with GlassDollar. This has decreased the overall number of PoC managers needed for innovation operations, thus meeting the needs of BSH of streamlining processes and automating tasks.

“We often talk about hardware plus, there is another business excellence driver which is service plus. In a venture client model, it's important to have a good balance of offering service at a 1-to-1 level and elevating the service with software in the background. GlassDollar helps us to add that ‘plus' component to our services.”
Dipjyoti Deb, Venture Partner @ BSH Startup Kitchen

GlassDollar’s all-in-one PoC management software has proven to effectively initiate better projects, streamline processes, and create more impact both within business units and company-wide at BSH.

GlassDollar offers an end-to-end PoC management software solution that helps global companies like BSH, Daimler, Telefonica, and Miele scale the adoption of impact-driven technologies.

Are you looking to make your startup collaborations more impactful and scalable? Then book a free consultation with our innovation success managers to identify the next steps towards optimizing your startup partnering activities.

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