Hiring: Business Developer

Opportunity: Build the product that is going to enable millions of entrepreneurs to follow their passion - based on a fully validated concept.
See the world from a meta perspective, work with crazy talented team-members that are tracking millions of companies.
Sit in between startups, corporates, investors and become financially independent.

Who are we, what do we do and what do we stand for?

GlassDollar helps corporates to integrate cutting edge startup products into their value chain.

We collect and analyze millions of data points about startups every day and we use that data to recommend our customers, like Daimler, Porsche & Miele, the best startups to work with.

Why are we doing this? 
As a team, we want to change the way people perceive work. We envision a world in which humans are free to search for an impact they want to make, to find purpose, instead of a job to pay the bills.A world so free, that humans can choose missions to undertake, instead of a title to add to their CV. 
We believe we make that vision a reality, by enabling startup founders to get their first customers with whom to validate their business model and pay the bills.

What are we looking for?

- More details to come -

Every team member at GlassDollar holds equity, because you should participate in the value we jointly create.
We will additionally agree on a salary you can live on comfortably.

Does this sound like you?
Reach out to fabian@glassdollar.com with your LinkedIn and any work you can share.
No CV required.

Created with ❤️ in Berlin 🇪🇺🌍