Unlock your access to corporate revenue

Seize new business opportunities,  learn from market analytics, and ensure your solution gets adopted by corporate clients.

By matching the best startups to innovation projects with our partnering corporations, GlassDollar enables startups to score new clients, scale their solutions within their clients’ organizations, and learn from market insights.

Get new clients for your business

Showcase your solution to corporations that are actively looking to find suitable startup technologies to their existing business challenges.

Generate second orders

Lean on recorded business metric impact and extensive case studies to scale your solution across the client’s organization.

Ensure success after PoC

Draft better converting offers and achieve higher adoption rates for your products with the help from your personal success manager.

Leverage market analytics

Find out which products are being adopted by corporations and see who you are being compared with to further improve your product offering.

Trusted by leading corporate innovators

Build corporate partnerships in four steps

List your solution & confirm our voluntary success agreement

First party insights about your solution make it easier for us to present and match you to one of our corporate partners. A signed success agreement signals to corporations that your product is ready for a pilot.

Get matched to our corporate partners

When a match is found, we provide you with further questions the client might have, invite you to a demo, and help you to cereate a well converting proposal. Follow the progress of the tender on our platform and receive updates whenever the status changes.

Run a pilot with your new client

During the PoC project your personal success manager will collect relevant business metric updates from both you and the client to prepare an extensive case study of the results.

Scale your solution across the whole organisation

We identify the right stakeholders and leverage the learnings made during your pilot phase to market the success of your solution to other business units within the corporation. Having done this countless times helps us to generate you 10x repeat orders.

We want you to succeed

Registration on GlassDollar is free and effortless. To enable our infrastructure that helps startups follow their passion, we share the revenue generated from signed corporate deals. Our 8% success fee covers all the development costs assosiated with our platform and your personal success manager.

Verified profile

Your verified GD profile combined with customer references gives credibility and helps you close more deals.

Pilot ready status

A signed success agreement signals that  you are ready and open for new business.

Personal success manager

Your success manager creates impactful case studies from your projects, and supports you in getting new orderd from your clients.

Internal client acquisition

Startups take home
Cost of customer acquisition

With GlassDollar

Startups take home
Success fee

Access corporate revenue

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